3 Mar 2012


House Portraits




         As a native of southern Louisiana, my interest in art began in elementary school. Being the son of an architect, and having worked for him, I was frequently guided and instructed on the fundamentals of design and the use of color. For many years, I worked in various areas of the business world, but I also continued to sketch and experiment with various art mediums. While I enjoyed painting with pastels, pen and ink, oil, and acrylics, I realized my passion was for watercolor. With my background in architectural drafting and perspective, it was natural for me to gravitate to painting landscapes with a particular interest in buildings. I had been painting in New Orleans for twenty years but moved to Miami after Hurricane Katrina destroyed my studio in late 2005. As of March 2012, I have returned to New Orleans.


       My art has been influenced by the classic styles of the plantation homes and also the French and Spanish influence throughout southern Louisiana. Since relocating to Miami, I can feel the vital energy and colors of South Florida. It is that energy that I want to capture and express in my art. We are presented with twists and turns throughout life, some are happier than others. My art focuses on the positive and fun aspects of life with a whimsical approach.

Jeffrey Passage
Box 791824
New Orleans LA 70179